IPhone 12 buyers will be disappointed as the smartphone will receive an outdated 60-Hz screen


IPhone 12 buyers will be disappointed as the smartphone will receive an outdated 60-Hz screen

Ross Young, who is the founder of research companies Display Supply Chain Consultants and DisplaySearch, said previously that 120Hz screens will not be implemented in the upcoming iPhone 12 series phones, so it's a huge disappointment for the Apple fans and we may have to wait another year to get 120Hz Display Apple phones.

For recent years, high refresh rate has become  major common feature on the flagship smartphones of 2020. Today, 120Hz screens are considered the new standard for a flagship phone, and the 90Hz displays are most commonly used in the mid-range segment, and 60Hz displays are considered as a garbage. But unfortunately, the new iPhone 12 phones could receive a 60Hz screen.

The launch date of the iPhone 12 phones, according to the leaks, it will be postponed until October this year. And the main reason could be the supply problems. Ross Young have also clarified that Apple was able to get 120Hz display panels for the Pro versions of the iPhone 12, but the display driver chips have not yet arrived on assembly lines according to the reports.

Now Apple will either have to delay the iPhone 12 phones launch date even further till october to wait for the missing components for the manufacturing, or release the iPhone 12 with budget 60Hz Displays. And according to Ross Young the Apple chose the second option to go with 60Hz Display panels this time rather than going for 120Hz Displays.

The 120Hz screen was supposed to be one of the highlights of the iPhone this year because it is the first time that the company will use such a higher refresh rate display providing an amazing experience for the users combining with iOS UI features, but it was recently reported that the iPhone 12 phones will be similar to iPhone 11 phones with an improved camera, more RAM and an Apple A14 CPU.

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