Huawei Nova 8 Pro looks stunning in these live images with curved waterfall screen

Huawei Nova 8 Pro looks stunning in these live images with curved waterfall screen

Large and curved screen

Today we have seen the live images and hands on video of the Huawei Mate 40 pro phone in a subah while opertaing its phone in hand with a clear visual of the phone. Soon after the same Huawei's upper mid range phone have also appeared in live photos ans revealed the complete design.

However, some of the details of the upcoming Huawei nova 8 and nova 8 pro smartphones processor and pricing details revealed by a Chinese source along with some images. But now, the Nova 8 Pro top end model has been appeared in live photo somewhere in the hands of the Chinese in the metro.

However for days we have seen good number of live shots of the photos of unreleased smartphones were taken in a passenger metro. If you are the one who is travelling and finds some one is holding a unique bigger smartphone then take your phone from your pocket start video recording or you can just take shots from all directions to ensure that you don't miss perfect shots to reveals good news for the fans and jus upload it on your social accounts like Weibo or Twitter. Thankfully, this time we have got the better shots to give a clear front look.

This is none other than the Huawei Nova 8 pro  models as we can see a dual-hole punch selfie cameras on top left corner along with a curved waterfall display. It just looks like the Huawei P40 pro phone and looks stunning.

The device is seen to run on the 4G networks with NFC and LTE networks, but then underground and on the surface, the smartphone will clearly be able to connect to 5G networks.

However, no more details, but recent rumors revealed that this model will pack MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ CPU and a multi-module camera. The display will have a 120Hz Display and will be priced for $590 Dollars.

Source: SlashLeaks

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