Five computer pranks: how to harmlessly annoy a friend

Five computer pranks: how to harmlessly annoy a friend

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If you are bored in the office , if a friend left the computer turned on in front of you, it's time for a good prank. We have collected five of the best computer " pranks": from the simplest and most famous to the most inventive.

1. Block his favourite site

Five computer pranks: how to harmlessly annoy a friend

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To anger or scare a friend, you can simply "cut off" his access to your favorite site.

Find the " hosts " file at C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ etc \ hosts . Using notepad or a text editor, open it as administrator and add the line "" and the site address without  http . Save your changes.

Now your friend will not be able to open his favorite site, be it Vkontakte or Facebook. To put everything back in place, just open the hosts file again and delete the written line.

The draw may not work on the latest version of Windows 10.

2. Freeze desktop

Display Desktop Icons

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This is the most popular and simplest computer prank. First you need to take a screenshot of the desktop. Press the Print Screen , go to Paint and paste the image by using the Ctrl + the V . Save your images and set it as your desktop screensaver. Then right-click on a free area, hover over "View" and uncheck "Show icons".

It remains to wait until your friend starts clicking on the inactive icons, checking the mouse and panicking.

3. Command line recursion

Command line recursion

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This "prank" is one of the most unpleasant, and can only be canceled by restarting the computer. Therefore, carry it out at your own peril and risk.

Create a text document on your desktop and write this code into it:

@echo off

: loop

start cmd

echo loop

goto loop


Save the document using the Ctrl + S combination and rename it to " (any name) .bat ". Any name can be anything that makes a friend click on the icon. After starting, the command line will start to open recursively, and the only thing that can stop it is restarting the PC.

4. Change mouse cursor

Mouse options

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Make it like your friend's computer is always busy.

Go to "Control Panel", then under "Devices" click on "Mouse". Select Advanced Mouse Options, and in the window, click the Pointers tab. Change your normal mouse cursor to busy and save your changes.

5. Remotely control your mouse or keyboard

Remote mouse control

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For this draw, you don't need to write lines in a notebook, search for the " hosts " file or take screenshots. It is enough to have a wireless keyboard or mouse (both are better).

Discreetly insert the USB adapter from the wireless device into the back of the system unit. Now you can control your friend's mouse or keyboard. Scare him by typing strange messages or clicking on all the icons.

For the most diligent, you can install a program for remote computer control, like TeamViewer.

Source: Popmech

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