Apple iPhone 13 series phones key specifications confirmed before iPhone 12 launch

Apple iPhone 13 series phones key specifications confirmed before iPhone 12 launch
We all are still waiting for the announcement of the Apple's flagship iPhone 12 series phones which are expected to launch on November. But surprisingly we have got the clear information of the upcoming iPhone 13 series phones as well that too before the launch of the iPhone 12 series phones. Despite iPhone 12, we have also got the interesting key details of the iPhone 13 models from a reliable and trusted source.

Ross Young, head of display tech industry, revealed some of the specifications of the upcoming iPhone 13 series phones with many upgrades over the previous iPhone 12 series phones. According to the reports, Apple will launch upto four models next year. It also reveals some of the details of the smartphone iPhone 13 series phones.

The iPhone 13 phone will get two models one with just 5.40-inches display diagonally which will be the most compact phone in the series and next one with a bit larger 6.06-inches with LG or BOE made with OLED displays. Under the hood, it's also confirmed that two iPhone 13 models will have dual rear cameras like the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 1.7 micro meter sensor size and will support 5G connectivity as well for the first time.

The higher variant iPhone 13 Pro will sport a 6.06-inch OLED Display made from BOE or LG and the iPhone 13 Pro Max will be the tallest model with 6.7-inches OLED Display. These two models will have 5G support and also sport a ToF sensor. It's also rumored to sport triple rear cameras along with a LED flash. This upcoming iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max models will be built with LTPO display and will also get ProMotion refresh rate like the iPhone 12 model.

Finally, it has been confirmed that the company have no plans to launch the upgraded version of iPhone SE 2020. Thi successor could be named as iPhone SE 3 and will get a one year gap for the launch, I mean the phone is expected to launch in later 2022. However according to the rumors, this phone will not be compact, but will come with an increased display size of 6.06-inch IPS LCD Display and will have 5G support. It will get dual cameras this time unlike single sensor on the previous model and thankfully this iPhone SE 3 phone will feature a fingerprint sensor which was not in its predecessor iPhone SE 2020 that completely depend on the FaceUnlock.

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