Privacy & Policy

We are really concerned about the Privacy and Policy of the visitors in our page. We do not collect any type of personal information and share to public. 

However we do regularly update the Privacy of our website SmartPhoneLaunches, so make sure that you get updated with the latest privacy on our page.

Do we collect any personal data or any information from you ?

We do collect some of the information like emails and name and we do not share to the public any time and it will be remained in private. 

We use your data to send notifications or any type of newsletters if you have subscribe to us.


Yes, we use cookies on our website to increase the user or the visitor experience on the site and it is used to remember when you visit once again on our website.

If you comment on any of our post no personal information will be collected from you. So, you can comment on our blogs without any hesitation.

Links on the Website

We use only the links of the other websites for the source purposes and the images used in this will be credited to their respected owners.

Privacy and Policy Updates

We sometimes update our privacy and policy and you need to update it regularly and if we make a bigger change then you will be emailed so you can get you updated.

If you have still any queries on this Policy page you can visit our contact us page and explain us the problem without any hesitation

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